OBJLoader : load lighmap UV

Hi all,

I have an OBJ model that works well in three js import. Now I would like to add the second set of UV from 3DS MAX but I don’t understand how to do it.
The first UV set is channel 1 in my 3DS and the second UV set (for the LIGHTMAP) is channel 2 on my model.
Is it possible to retrieve the second UV set for the lightmap using the OBJLoader or OBJLoader2?

No. OBJ only supports a single set of texture coordinates. Hence, the parsed geometries by OBJLoader and OBJLoader2 only contain a single uv attribute.

Thanks a lot Mugen87 ! So, what do you recommend to get it from 3ds max to three js ?

The recommended 3D format of three.js (which is glTF) does not yet support light maps, see. https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF/pull/1658. And I’m not sure if 3DS Max has a glTF exporter.

If there is an exporter, you can try to export to glTF and hope the second uv channel is exported, too. You can then manually load the light map with TextureLoader and apply it to your asset.

If glTF export is not supported by 3DS Max, you can try the same workflow with FBX.

oh ! FBX can do that ??? !

Another question, couls please tell me if you know the exact difference between OBJLoader and OBJLoader2 ?

This is mentioned here:

Thanks a lot !