Non linear interpollation between 2 surface's points


I need help because I’m facing a problem that I’m struggling to solve.

I would like to create a non-linear interpolation between 2 given points on the surface of a mesh to obtain a point distribution on the object.

This example below shows the same problem but with a linear interpolation on the surface of a cube.

My goal is to obtain a distribution of points only on the surface of my object, whatever the shape of the surface.
For the moment I obtain a linear interpolation as in the image below:

Do you have any idea how to solve my problem ?

Can you please describe your expectations in more detail?

If you have a cube and a straight line connecting two points on different faces, the line does not intersect any faces and thus you have not points on the surface (except of the start and end points).

Hi Mugen87,

Thank you for your quick answer.

I would like to be able to draw a curve between my starting point and my end point, on the surface of the object.

To be able to place my points on this curve and obtain my points only on the surface of the object, and not inside or outside.

like this:

Please read: Get distance between two point from object surface - #4 by gkjohnson

As soon as you have the path, you can sample it like the previous one.

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That’s absolutely right, thank you very much for your help.