Nodes.js documentation

Can anyone recommend any documentation about using Nodes.js. The examples nodes folder looks like a treasure trove of functionality. But documentation is thin on the ground. Just a few nodes examples to study. I see it being used to process audio so it looks very useful for many processor intensive applications.

What is Nodes.js ?

Audio processing is usually done via the WebAudio nodes… which isn’t specific to threejs.

examples/jsm/nodes - the use case for audio is examples/webgpu_compute_audio.html

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Ohhh ok you’re talking abut WebGPU. There are a lot of different systems that use the “node” concept so I didn’t understand what you were asking.

WebGPU is still really new so I haven’t really found a ton of great examples… But there may be other folks with more ideas.

You might want to nuke this question and post a new one with “Examples of using WebGPU to process audio” in the description?

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Actually I’m more interested in general Nodes documentation. I only mentioned the audio example as one use case.

The examples are the only reference for node-based materials in three.js right now. Development has been going on actively for a while, and documentation is not yet written. Maybe this article is a helpful intro…

… but mostly you’ll need the examples I think.


That’s very useful. And the node editor (wip) is looking excellent.