Need help with drawing a face of an object

I’m seeking some guidance on visualizing a building’s facade using Three.js. My aim is to replicate a photograph of the building on all sides using Three.js, focusing solely on its face without delving into the coordinates or edges loaded from GLTF files. Specifically, I’m looking to create a front-facing view, where the camera’s X and Y coordinates are centered, and the Z coordinate is around 30 units away from the building. While I’m confident in my ability to render the basic structure, I could use some assistance in my approach as I am trying to clip it but then draw it from the other side not the clipped side.

If it’s 2D drawing - consider using just Canvas or a CanvasTexture on a plane parallel to the camera, together with a raycaster for the drawing itself.

Can you guide me to an example as I do not fully understand.

It’s fairly easy to ask a seemingly simple question, which taps into a huge depth of a topic and cannot be easily answered.

I propose you familiarize yourself with the techniques and concepts involved. And only then ask for explanation on details you didn’t understand.

The following gives an IMO good intro:

Thank you I will try that.