My pointer controller doesnt works its just static

my pointer controller doesnt works and also ray caster has issues
i am attaching the files here

please help me out

Unfortunately, your archive is too big so Google Drive can’t perform a virus check before downloading. Please decrease the size of app6.rar or provide a small, compact live example for security reasons.


this is the new upload and i have compressed it
i have been trying to do click to move and also pointer controller
there are no errors in it
but still the file isnt working

I’ve cleaned up your code so it works with FlyControls:app.js (1.8 KB)

TBH, your code structure is very unclear since you add way to many components at once to your app and most of them don’t properly work. Besides, you had two animation loops and started one of time two times (which leads to a horrible performance). I highly recommend you study the official examples and invest some time in reading three.js tutorials or a respective literature in order to avoid such beginner issues. Most of your code problems will then automatically disappear.

okay thanks alot
i will loook into the tutorials and documentations

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