My GLTFLoader is working fine but there is problem with DRACO compressed gtlf

my GLTFLoader is working fine but when i want to add draco compressed gtlf it wont load
d even i add the draco gtlf cdn import and draco is loaded and working as you see in the code example

the compressed gtlf i working in gtlf viewr

even it loading in gtlf viewr :sweat_smile:

this is the orginal gtlf link model : ( “”,)

this is the orginal draco gtlf link model : (

my live code : compassionate-sea-b9e1mj - CodeSandbox

Your code sandbox seems to be loading a bus in. Is this what you intended? Maybe the loading was restricted by available memory or something?

this is the orginal gtlf link model and = its working as i said before but the other gtlf model its not working wich is this this = the draco gtlf link model : (

i linked the both model links to but theree is something messing

Okay, I think I got it working. Just change this:


to this (specify the folder instead of the js file):


and use the reduced glb url too.

Here’s the updated codepen. cool-resonance-v2p8k6 - CodeSandbox Hope this helps :slight_smile:

wow man , do you know i tried this before and it didnt work … thanks man i apprecete your help

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