My EasyGlobe comes out really small

I am trying to add the globe from to my website.
The globe appears really small and I don’t know how to change it since I am using the built code from easyglobe.
One fix was creating a div or canvas inside the body with a certain big size, then the globe appears below it in a big size as well. but it appears below - meaning I have to scroll down to see it.
I am using document.body as my node.



First of all, Mr Samurai Polix, welcome to the community!

Umm… You’ve come to us with a link to a third-party website, seemingly unrelated to three.js

You’ve asked a question, but provided no code for us to look at, there are no images.

I do not mean this to come off as an attack, but do you believe that you could do better in asking your question?

After spending time that I’m not paid for - I checked the unrelated website, and I can see in their description that they do indeed use three.js, along with yet another library and that they provide you with some source code. I don’t know what code you have though or how you have integrated it, so I for one can’t help you. Maybe some else can, at least with the information provided and pro bono.