Multiple interpolation in single KeyframeTrack?

I’m wondering if there is a way to use multiple interpolation modes in a single keyframetrack. I noticed that in Blender, you can change the interpolation mode between keyframes, allowing you to have finer control over the animations. However, in three.js the interpolation mode seems restricted to the entire track. Am I overlooking something here? Is there a way to use multiple interpolation modes in a single track?
btw, I am creating my animations in three.js (I’m not importing them).

No, unfortunately not — it’s common for authoring tools like Blender to have more flexibility, but when Blender exports keyframes it generally “bakes” the animation into tracks with the same interpolation and many keyframes (e.g. 24-30 / s). There are many other animation features in Blender (like IK constraints) that similarly have to be baked. If you have a baked keyframe track with too many keyframes you can resample it (offline, or in three.js with track.optimize()) to eliminate any redundant keyframes.

My understanding is that native game engines typically do a similar thing at build time.

Ah I see, thanks for the info! Yeah, I noticed that in Blender you can set the animation’s Sampling Rate, so that it outputs less keyframes, but then that removes the baked in effect of their native interpolation.

I suppose I could maybe create my own baking system, to create those extra frames. Seems kind of excessive, but I’ll have to think about it. Good to know that I’m not overlooking anything at least.