MTLLoader, OBJLoader - problem: how to replace texture in BASE64

Hi, Im new so Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I fight with my code a couple days and I’m very sad because I don’t have result.

Please help me to understand how I can load texture in base64 dynamicly and Why obj is so dark, no shadow. The obj is from tutorial on youtube. Please help.

this is the problem part

    function addTape() { 
        let path = 'model/';
        let mtlLoader = new MTLLoader();
        mtlLoader.load('r2-d2.mtl', function (materials) {
            let objLoader = new OBJLoader();
			// TODO add texture base64 PNG, not from folder objLoader||tape."textureBase64"('[...]');
			// TODO why object is that dark, he dont heve light inside his soul. "Luke, I am Your Father" NOOOO.
            objLoader.load('r2-d2.obj', function (mesh) {
                tape = mesh; // Do not change 'tape = mesh'. tape will be destroy many times - changes view.
                tape.position.y = -1;
                tape.scale.x = 0.02;
                tape.scale.y = 0.02;
                tape.scale.z = 0.02;

I added shadow:
but still I can’t change texture, and why the obj is so dark. Please help.

                tape.traverse(function (node) {
                    if (node.isMesh) {
                        // = texture;
                        node.castShadow = true;