Moving Imported Gltf models

I imported my gltf model and added it to scene but now if i try to move it, it wont work

var blackBox=new THREE.Scene();

  var loader = new THREE.GLTFLoader();

  var x=40;

  var mod =new THREE.Geometry();

  var mixer;

  var clock=new THREE.Clock();

//load gltf model


    mod = model.scene.children[0];

    mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer( model.scene );

    var action = mixer.clipAction( model.animations[ 0 ] );;



    scene.add( mod );





//set position to x=4
  var rt=function(){



How can i move the mode around?

A 3D object can’t be of type Geometry or BufferGeometry. It should be an instance of Object3D or derived classes like Mesh, Points or Line. In your case, I would just declared the variable like so:

var mode;

In your animation loop, do this:

if ( mod !== undefined ) mod.position.x=-4;

Also keep in mind that important parts of a basic 3D scene are missing in your code snippet (e.g. a camera and a renderer). I suggest you study the following beginner guide and try it again: