Mousedown after switching off interaction

I am working on an editor for my panorama worlds
the whole thing is based on an older version of this example with many changes
what I changed is the possibility to interact until I allow interaction again.

Ok - as long as I keep the interaction working, whenever I touch the mouse into the scene it is exact where it is expected and I can move zoom turn the scene whereever the mousepointer is shown.
But in my program - the scene is zoomed moved turned by script. And I have to switch off interaction while the script is doing its job.
But when the script stops and I want to interact again, the scene jumps to the last pointer position or a previous script location. After that jump it works mormal as it should - mouse turns zooms the scene where I want it.
What can I do that the mouse pointer is updated and jumps into the scene on mousedown - instead of the scene jumping to the last mouse or previous script position? Any idea?