Motion blur example not working in firefox

I’ve been researching potential motion blur implementations and have found that this example works well in Chrome, but not in Firefox.

Does anyone have any knowledge of what might be causing that discrepancy?

motion blur example

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The browser console in Firefox is full of warnings with this demo.

/ping @gkjohnson

It seems rendering to RGB Float buffers isn’t supported in FireFox. It doesn’t list the RGB Float API option as deprecated on the half float extension page but it does in the 32 bit float extension docs. It seems the limitation is present for the half float buffer, as well, though. Changing the velocity buffer to use RGBAFormat instead of RGBFormat should fix the issue.

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Thanks a bunch.
I’ll try this and get back to you on how it worked out.

I’ve made the change in my sandbox repo and it seems to fix the issue in Firefox:


Very cool.
Thanks a lot gk!