Modify Extruded Geometry

I would like to model mouldings for picture frame in 3d, and got pretty excited about the ExtrudeGeometry feature.
Using it would allow me to simply model the profile once and create the 3d moulding by extruding the profile.
Here are what profiles could look like:

Now to model the full frame (made up of four intersecting mouldings) seems like I can go multiple ways:

  • Extrude along a rectangular path (which sounds like it’s not so easy.)
  • Make 4 of those meshes, size and position them in an Object3d, then texture them probably using DecalGeometry.

The tricky thing is that the intersecting corners should reflect the actual intersection like so:
Screenshot from 2020-05-14 17-06-20

Seems to me like I have no choice but to slice each ends of meshes at a 45 degree angle to obtain the best result.
What is the best way to achieve that?

Might be worth checking these posts:

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try :slightly_smiling_face:

from Collection of examples from

Construction of frames with contour/profile
threejsResources/ConstructFrame at master · hofk/threejsResources · GitHub

Thanks to @prisoner849’s ProfiledContourGeometry I have been able to achieve the desired effect.
Many thanks for that code.

Screenshot from 2020-05-27 15-39-18

Now I have been looking at how to apply a texture to the front facing faces of the frame and boy does it look complicated.
I basically would have to control where the mapping begins, where it ends, follow the planes in between, scale it to the right dimensions and eventually repeat it (programatically).

Any good resources to learn how to do that?
Would a DecalGeometry be easier in this case?


Look there ProfiledContourGeometry MultiMaterial - #2 by hofk