Modelst(Tried all the models) are not getting loaded even if there are no errors in it

Hey guys i have been trying to load the model and below is the project file…it has been many days and i am unable to load any model…can any of you please help me

I’ve updated some of your files so the house asset is now properly displayed. (2.3 KB)

There were a couple of things wrong in your app. The most important ones:

  • Your canvas had a size of 0.
  • You did not call your init() function correctly.
  • There was a typo in PerspectiveCamera causing a runtime error.
  • You did not rotate the house model in the animation loop correctly.

Thanks alot @Mugen87

but still i cant open it.i see no model loaded even after uploading it localhost
please please help me out

Thanks a lot bro the is working now
it couldn’t have been possible without you

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