Mismatch between scene in threejs and 3ds max

I am creating a scene in a threejs application where camera values such zoom, position, focallength, target are applied and a corresponding scene with same values in 3ds max. I notice there is a mismatch between the scenes in 3ds max and threejs as the zoomfactor of the scene deviates from 1. Example for scenes with ZF=1 i dont see any mismatch, but for ZF=1.5 the scenes in 3ds max appears cropped at the edges when compared with threejs scene. For scenes with ZF=2 the crop is more prominent. Can you please help me identify the cause.

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Can you share some screenshots? And do you have viewport clipping switched on or off in Max?

Viewport clipping is Switched off in 3ds max. Attaching screenshots

image - [ZF = 1 (Threejs Scene)]
image - [ZF = 1 (3ds Max output)]
image - [ZF = 2 (Threejs Scene)]
image = [ZF = 2 (3ds Max output)]

When I overlay the top images, the only difference I can see is that the Max images are lower resolution than the three.js ones. If I scale up the max images it seems they are identical.

Try setting your canvas element to 1000x1000px and then do a 1000x1000 render and compare those. The render resolution is independent from the camera zoom.

When I overlay the images , i can see the edges have been cropped.The top overlay being the Max output and the bottom one being the threejs scene. Please see the below screenshot.

I Also set my canvas element to 500500px and did the same 500500px render in 3ds max, those outputs too appear cropped on all sides.
See screenshot below

Also Wanted to check if its not sufficient to maintain the aspect ratio as 1 in both the systems. How does the resolution difference come into picture in affecting this.


Yeah, now that you point it out, in the second picture I can see the cropping. But I don’t think there’s any cropping in the first picture - or at most it’s a couple of pixels.

Right the first picture is with zoom factor =1 and does not have any variation. Variations are in the ones which have zoom factors other than 1 .The greater it is than 1, the more seems the cropping . Any idea on it?