Mesh Generation with loaders

When a model is loaded with any loader, (PLYLoader.js, GLTFLoader.js, etc…) is there a way to differentiate between each object in the model?
For example, what steps should I follow to make a three.js app, where I can change the color of each dolphin using dat.gui.js in this example?
Thank you very much


AFAIK, there is no easy way to split dolphins in Three.js.
You have to find/develop/research your own algorithm. Or, maybe it’s possible to loat PLY-file into a modelling software, split it there and export back as PLY or another format. (I’m not an expert in it, it’s just a thought).

As you can see, THREE.PLYLoader() loads a single geometry:

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Alright. Thanks for clarification. I think the best way is to split the file as you mentioned. :+1::+1: