Mesh extruding?


I am looking to “build-by-proc-gen” (basic) meshs.

Example, generate a tree,
Cube -> extrude top, extrude top, rotate, scale, extrude , extrude left, extrude right …

There is example to extrude Shapes, but if there is any method to extrude meshs

Example, create this :
image, resulting a valid 1 piece mesh,

What is the way to go to obtain this result ?
Cube -> Extrude right, scale, rotage -> extrude right, move vertices

Is this possible, or i have to create X parts, and x,y,z them pixel perfect “paste” them ?

Thanks for help

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Do you mean something like Modify indexed BufferGeometry (mouse or input)

Try it:

You don’t really “extrude a mesh”. Extrusion describes the process of increasing the dimensionality of an entity by one. So even if you work with meshes, you still select a point (1D) or a face (2D) and then perform the extrusion. You can basically try to generate a shape based on the selected face, use ExtrudeGeometry for the actual extrusion and the merge everything into a single geometry.

The function like in blender or c4d uses the contour of the selected faces and generates a new quad/triangle pair per line along the normals.

thanks erveyone, i study this

Take a look at this too. This helped me extrude window frame profiles.

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hello ssaras, have you found an easier way to extrude window profiles?