Mesh disapears on vector.project

Hi, I have a mesh and a text, and i want to move the mesh around with its text. The issue am facing is that each time i call the toScreenPosition function, it hides the mesh. (I think both of them move but i cant see mesh)

This is my sample

commenting out toScreenPosition brings back the box mesh.

There is no toScreenPosition() function in the provided fiddle.

Yes am sorry wrong link, i will make a new fiddle and update, wanted to delete but cant.

Hi, i updated my fiddle link.

Did you try to log to console the result of .project()?

for the first call in init i get Object { x: NaN, y: -Infinity, z: -Infinity }

Hi, is there no solution to this.


Adding camera.updateMatrixWorld(); seems to solve the issue: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

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No, i initial box is still hidden, what i mean if you comment out the line in init().

// removing this shows mesh but wont set texts inital position.

The problem is right now that the project changes the position value of your cube. Try to clone the position vector before you pass it to toScreenPosition().

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