Merge multiple geometries after applying morph targets

I have several (imported) geometries I want to merge into 1 that will then be used to create a mesh, and I want each of those geometries to have morph targets. The problem is that the morph is applied to the mesh (through morphTargetInfluences), which uses the merged geometry, that doesn’t have the targets of the individual pieces anymore

Is there a way to apply the morph directly to the geometry so that I can then merge their morphed versions? Or can I merge meshes rather than geometries so that I can first create the meshes for the individual pieces and then merge them? I even tried to create the meshes for each piece and then take their geometry but they still have their basic shape with morphed targets, what I want instead is for the morph to be applied so that I can merge that new version

Edit: same with the subdivision modifier, is there a way to first apply the morph and then make the geometry smooth?

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