Merge 2 geometries error "All geometries must have compatible attributes"

i’m trying to merge 2 geometries int o one using buffer.

    let shape1 = Shape.getShape();
    let ring = new THREE.TorusBufferGeometry( 10, 3, 16, 100 );
    let combined = BufferGeometryUtils.mergeBufferGeometries([shape1 , ring ]);

and i got this error

BufferGeometryUtils.js:226 THREE.BufferGeometryUtils: .mergeBufferGeometries() failed with geometry at index 1. All geometries must have compatible attributes; make sure "uv" attribute exists among all geometries, or in none of them.

while debugging i found that my ring has attribute “uv” but it doesn’t exist in the shape1 which is a imported model from blender.

my question is it possible to remove uv from TorusBufferGeometry ?so i can merge without a issue?

Try it with:

ring.deleteAttribute( 'uv' );

Keep in mind that the uv attribute represents texture coordinates. Without them, it won’t be possible to apply textures to your geometry.