Making Pointer Lock Controls work with iphone/ipad

I have created a demo program that uses Pointer Lock Controls to allow unlimited mouse movement on a PC. To start the program you have to “Click to Start”.
I tried running the program on an iphone and am not sure:

  1. How to “Click to Start”?
  2. If Pointer Lock Controls even makes sense on an iphone/ipad (which already has unlimited touchscreen movement - once I add the appropriate touchscreen input)?
  3. If they are incompatible, how do I bypass PointerLockControls on an iphone/ipad?

Pointer lock is related to mouse capturing. If the device has not mouse, using PointerLockControls does not work. I suggest you detect touch devices and then setup different controls.

Thanks. I had forgotten about TouchStart.

However, now that I have inserted TouchStart, I still can’t get past the “Click to Play” screen. Apparently TouchStart is not recognized as a valid “Click to Play” input?

As I think about it, the limitation on acceptable inputs is probably imposed by the HTML/css program. I am using the version from the three.js examples - which also does not appear to accept Touchstart as a valid input.

Or, thinking about all the input changes I will have to make to create an iphone-friendly version, is it better just to create a separate program for iphone which does away with PointerLock controls and includes the required inputs to make it usable on an iphone?