Lost feature in Editor when export scene was moved from file to geometry

Hello, i wanted to export a scene recently but realised the button to do so as a JSON was no more. I investigated some more an realised it was “changed”, from MenuBar.File.js to Sidebar.Geometry.js

Thing is, you can’t export a scene from its geometry, removing a very useful feature here, aka the ability to export a whole scene in one go.

The modification in question is
Editor: Moved Export Geometry/Object/Scene to Sidebar.
109c87fb Mr.doob info@mrdoob.com on 16/02/2024 at 09:58


Am I missing something ? Or was this an oversight ?

Tested some more, and it seems you can do it but only from object in a scene? Plus it’s not a downloadable file anymore it’s a simple text file pop up ? Either way, it feels like a huge downgrade