Looking for a three.js freelancer to work remotely

We require a three.js developer to create a front-end for a festival website. Floating Island. Working with our web developer in Mumbai. Please get in touch for details.

can i have more details please
You can contact me through whatsapp +21626018624

I m a senior threejs , webgl developer what i have experience over 6 years.
I think i can help your project.

please catch me via discord or telegram
discord - ! DS#0631
telegram - @DSODIN

Thank you

Hi Mejdi,
I can contact you later. I don’t use WhatsApp. I can chat on www.signal.org.

Hi, you can find me on Signal too with the same number

Thanks Mejdi. Give me the weekend to gather my thoughts. What’s your time zone. Is +21 Belarus?

I’m from Tunisia (GMT+1)

Sorry about that. Read the +21 not +216. Will call you on Monday afternoon if that is okay with you. Have a good weekend. Matt

No problem,
I will wait your call on Monday afternoon
Thank you

Hi Mejdi,

Tech problem this end. Can you call me on signal +44 791 252 3313?

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