LOD with THREE.Group


is it possible to use lod with group of object like this ?

var  house_high = new THREE.Group();
house_high.add(  lot of  mesh | group | object3d coming from glb  )
var house_low = new THREE.Group();
house_low.add(  lot of  mesh | group | object3d coming from glb  )
var house_lod = new THREE.LOD();
scene.add(house_lod) ;


Yes, this should work.

thank .
so i ve done it , but im not able to switch from low to high when i come near house . i take care about origin of object and i ve checked all origin of object in house_high are inside the house ( the house_low is just a cube with a texture ) . I ve tried too , with 10 instead of 0 for near level , but no change .
and if i change the place ```

same problem i have the high at start and i cannot switch to house_low . Perhaps i ve missed something about distance ?

EDIt:   i use in animate function 
    console.log("level : " + house_lod.getCurrentLevel () ) ;

 so , it  start at level 0    ,  and quickly switch to level  1   even if i dont move , and stay at this level near or far from he house .    never come back to level 0 .

my fault … :innocent:

ive read LOD.js and i ve seen

update( camera ) {

	const levels = this.levels;

	if ( levels.length > 1 ) {

		_v1.setFromMatrixPosition( camera.matrixWorld );
		**_v2.setFromMatrixPosition( this.matrixWorld );**

		const distance = _v1.distanceTo( _v2 ) / camera.zoom;

		levels[ 0 ].object.visible = true;

		let i, l;

so i ve understood i have to set house_lod.position with x, y, z of my house .

but because in blender asset are already at x,y,z i have to set house_high.position and house_low.position with -x ,-y,-z :grinning:

work fine now . thank