LoadingManager Usage

Dear all

When I use LoadingManager…should I use it in both in MTLLoader and OBJLoader ? Or only OBJLoader is enough ?
In the following code Example… I use MTLLoader(loadingManager); and new OBJLoader2(loadingManager);

const mtlLoader = new MTLLoader(loadingManager);
mtlLoader.load(‘https://penghu.info/3D/3D/TestJanet.mtl’, (mtlParseResult) => {
const objLoader = new OBJLoader2(loadingManager);
const materials = MtlObjBridge.addMaterialsFromMtlLoader(mtlParseResult);
objLoader.load(‘https://penghu.info/3D/3D/TestJanet.obj’, (root) => {

The idea is to create an instance of LoadingManager and pass it to all loaders you are going to create in your app. So in your case, use it with your MTL/OBJ loaders.

thank you soooooo much for your kind help :slight_smile: