Loader doesn't work

Hello everyone, I can’t understand why I can’t add any additional loader to my website. Now I’m trying to use a Lottie Loader to project an animation that I made with “bodymovin” in After Effect on a shape. I’m a self-taught and I’m learning from scratch using Chat GPT. It may be that the problem is the file formatting but I desperately need help. Thank you all


y u do this to yourself :smiling_face_with_tear: (jokes aside, consider quite virtually any alternative other than ChatGPT if you’re a beginner. GPT is not a knowledge model, it’s a language model. It doesn’t understand what it tells you, it just mashes up random answers from SO / this forums and serves the result to you - without verifying whether the answer is outdated or even valid at all.)

As for the Lottie loader - it should be as simple as copying the code of this example and adjusting the path to point to your file (code’s in the bottom right corner.)

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ChatGPT is great for learning about threejs basics.
It doesn’t just “mash up answers”.