Load svg on part of mesh

I have a 3D model of gltf type, I want to put an SVG on one of its meshes, but I don’t want the SVG to cover the whole layer, and I just want it to be a part of the layer and be able to scale that layer. I will make it small and large
Help in writing the code

What do you mean by “to put SVG on one of its meshes” ? As a texture? As a decal? What is the GLTF representing?

What do you mean by “layer” ? There ain’t no layers¹ in 3D.

That’s why we’re here - but you’d need to specify which part precisely is blocking you. What did you try, what result did you achieve so far, what didn’t work?

¹ Terms and conditions apply to this statement, but I can’t imagine how 3D scene layers would be meant here as that kind of layer cannot be covered in full or in part in most scenarios :smiling_face_with_tear: