Lil-gui: how to make a 'nickname' for 3JS object's property

I have two 3JS objects, ambientLight and directionalLight, in my lil-gui with the same intrinsic property name ‘intensity’.
To distinguish them in the lil-gui display I have created an Ambient folder and a Directional folder each hosting the property with the ‘intensity’ label.
I’d like to present a simpler lil-gui structure using labels like ‘Ambient_intensity’ and ‘Directional_intensity’ without superfluous folders. How do I create an arbitrary label that maps to, e.g., ambientLight.intensity?

Is it .name what you are looking for? It just gives some user-defined visual label.

gui.add( ... ).name( 'Ambient intensity' );
gui.add( ... ).name( 'Directional intensity' );

Yes, that’s it.
Many thanks…