Json load error


when i convert a .obj- file (waverfront, as described) to json-format via three js-editor,

the THREE.BufferGeometryLoader always produces following error:

Cannot read property ‘index’ of undefined’

can anybody help ?


Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce. I’ve used the following OBJ file from the official repository and imported it into the editor. After that, I selected the mesh and clicked on Export Geometry. The resulting JSON could also be imported in the editor again.

Do you mind sharing the OBJ file that produces the error?


this is the obj-file as exported from blender

thank you

Still unable to reproduce. I did the same process like mentioned above just with your asset. This is the resulting JSON: geometry.json.zip (682.0 KB)

I can import it without issue in the editor back.

Thank you vers much-
Now it’s working !