Issue with Three.Line2 with 'Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'count')'

Hello, I’ve re-created the issue in a sandbox here: intelligent-wind-pfqpmg - CodeSandbox

Initially I had issues getting Line2 arcs to work with typescript but managed to at least get them to render by manually extending in the JSX namespace (see src/arc.tsx lines 12-23) after finding the threejs docpage that talks about working with typescript. For what it’s worth I was unable to work out if there was a way to configure es-lint in codesandbox to not have a panic attack with that extension but it doesn’t seem to be causing a problem when running the scene so please ignore the highlighting there. (unless I am massively misunderstanding whats going on)

I am however now encountering an issue, which is the one currently reproducible in the sandbox, whenever the cursor enters the three scene i get ‘undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘instanceStart.count’)’, looking at the stack trace it seems to be something to do with Line2.Raycast intersecting(or failing to intersect?) with something, I thought potentially it could be an issue resulting from the way I am giving Line2 it’s geometry (creating a Line and using Line2’s LineGeometry.fromLine function) but I am unsure of that.

It’s worth mentioning that the full local version of this error, for some reason seems to only trigger when the cursor enters a particular region of the scene, it does not occur when interacting with the scene (i.e. dragging the globe/sphere to rotate it) as long as the cursor remains outside of the affected area. Very unusal bug. I believe the reason it is triggering whenever the cursor enters the codesandbox window at all, and the reason it is behaving differently in my local IDE/browser is due to browser window scale differences.

I should also add I am relatively new to three, r3f, and typescript as a whole as I come from a Go background that is not frontend focused at all, I’m sure there are many, many issues with my code outside of the one listed above please feel very welcome to roast it.