Is this Website made with THREE.JS?

Hey guys,

I wanted to ask if the website is made by THREE.JS or with anything else?

The console logs the warning:

THREE.Material: 'side' parameter is undefined.

So yes, it looks like it is using three.js.


ah yes you´re absolutely right, thank you.
The site also implemented vendor.js
What is this and do you need it ?

No, this is not something you need.

This site was build using webpack. It is just a file that contains many node_modules.

Learn more here:

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okay, thank you guys so much.
Is the movement of a hrefs also done with three.js?

The movements of hrefs?

Do you mean the navigation bar in the bottom right corner? No, this is simple html and css.

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no, if you tap on “Greta Thunberg” and wait for 3 seconds than in the bottom of the site will be shown a button called “explore”, tap on it and you will understand what I mean

I think it is all done using three.js.

Here an example of a video cube:

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Thank you very very much, you helped me a lot