Is computing bounding sphere / bounding box necessary if I don't need ray casting?

Using LineSegment2 and debugging for performance issue, I noticed this:
three.js/LineSegmentsGeometry.js at master · mrdoob/three.js (
This step is relative costly on some old machine, and wondering if it could be skipped if I don’t need ray casting…

The bounding sphere is definitely required for view frustum culling. And since the bounding box is required to compute the bounding sphere, there is no way to avoid the overhead.

Ohhhhhh… then, can I fix it since I know it won’t change?

Maybe you could set object.frustumCulled = false; and check if it’s still performing that calculation?

LineSegmentsGeometry automatically prepares bounding volumes when setPositions() is called. So I doubt disabling will help.

I’ve read the source code, maybe it… won’t work, I think

considering if I should modify the source code to make things work…