Invisible object(but, children label object is visible)

Hi, I was a load 3d model and add label the model.

After made a model, I set object invisible.
The object was invisible, but label was still visible.
Do I have to repeat the same task?
like this,
“model.visible = false;”
“label.visible = false;”

loader_Asset.load("3dmodels/User/User.FBX", model => {

        var UserDiv = document.createElement( 'div' );
        UserDiv.className = "UserLabel";
        UserDiv.textContent = "User"; = '-3em'; = "white";
        var UserLabel = new CSS2DObject( UserDiv );

        model.visible = false;
        model.children[0].add(UserLabel); //or model.add(UserLabel) is same working

Can you share the model and the rest of your code here?

Yes, making the 3D object invisible will not automatically make the css2d object invisible. The following live example proves this:

Oh, thank you.
I thought it was similar to Unity3d’s hierarchy.

Thank you for reply.
It worked out well. Thank you