Interactive material menu

hi, is there any code written example of threejs interactive menu to change the material of the mesh?. I would like to have the option in my project to be able to choose the PBR material for some objects.

I leave here an example of what I would like to do.

Thank you

It seems rather simple, is there a specific issue you’re struggling with?

Hi, I’m new with threeJs and JS, I’ve made some basic scenes, loading some GLTF model, now I’m trying to learn to have interactivity with the scene using geometry. I’ve seen the js code for the example page, and the material menu uses a spherical geometry to show a preview of the material. Also when hovering over objects there is a white outline. What documentation could you recommend to learn how to do this? Thanks a lot

The preview images for certain are just that, images, pngs. This is an html overlay. The outline is not so straight forward, it could be a post processing effect, but before you jump into that just change color on hover.