Instancing Text on InstancedMesh

I need to how to instance a bunch of different text geometries into one mesh. But I still needed control of the position of the merged text objects.

[This was possible and was answered in a later post with BatchMerge BufferGeometry]

Well, if the geometry is different, you have to use different instances of ShapeBufferGeometry and thus requires unique meshes.

You may want to consider to merge all ShapeBufferGeometrys into a single geometry (via BufferGeometryUtils.mergeBufferGeometries()) but this is normally only done if the geometry is static. Since the texts are part of your animation, this approach not really appropriate.

Sorry but I don’t understand how you want to use InstancedMesh. It seems what you are trying to accomplish is in general to suited for instanced rendering.

Turns out I did indeed want to use MergeGeometries, as you suggested. Prisoner gave me an example of batchMerge that did exactly what I needed. I still have control of the ( pos, scale, quat ) of the merged meshes. All in 1 drawCall. Awesome.