Installing lil-gui

Low-skilled user needs help, again:

I’ve scanned the two main references for the new user interface lil-gui (GitHub - georgealways/lil-gui: Makes a floating panel for controllers on the web. Works as a drop-in replacement for dat.gui in most projects. and I’m avoiding schooling myself on NPM use so would prefer to have a local copy of lil-gui as declared here:
import {GUI} from ‘…/…/examples/jsm/libs/lil-gui.module.min.js’;

Please tutor me on getting from available references to this last form. I’ve been through this once with dat.gui but somehow didn’t learn a complete lesson. :sweat_smile:

TBH, I don’t recommend this workflow. Please do not copy around library files.

I suggest you import them via URLs from a CDN or you setup a small build (something like GitHub - Mugen87/three-jsm: Minimal three.js project setup using ES6 modules and rollup.).

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Thanks for response. I will follow your advice.
Keep up the great work you and others do at threejs.

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