Increase brightness of lensflare

Any way I can increase brightness of the lens flare? It looks very faint, so it is unrealistic. As you can see in the image below, it is barely visible.

I tried searching the internet, but I didn’t find any relevant results. I can customise the size and texture, but didn’t see any way to customise the brightness. I would want it to be at least 50% opacity when looking directly at the sun. I made sure it wasn’t that the ground was blocking it, as I flew up so the ground wasn’t in the way and it looks the same.

what are you using? there used to be an example in threejs for lens flares but imo it looks very cheap compared to newer options like

I was using the threejs lensflare example, but that website you linked looks great. I’ll try to see if I can use that!

I tried GitHub - ektogamat/lensflare-threejs-vanilla: A lens flare effect for Vanilla Threejs, but I got the error
Uncaught Error: Unable to resolve specifier 'maath' imported from after following the instructions on the

maath is a math library GitHub - pmndrs/maath: 🪶 Math helpers for the rest of us

npm install maath

How do you mean, npm install? This is on a remotely hosted webserver, do you want me to type that via ssh?

maybe read this first three.js docs

if you want to participate in the javascript eco system you need npm. npm isn’t on a remote machine but on yours (given you have installed node). the build that is generated (npm run build) gets uploaded onto the server, it contains only the code that your project depends on.

I read it, I am using the second option where the files are hosted I use importmaps, and I don’t need to build anything or install node on my machine. How can I find maath as a dependency to link with an importmap?

The flare is as bright as its textures allow it (these are the main texture of the flare and its alpha texture). Maybe you should first check these two textures – maybe the main texture is too weak and/or the alpha texture is too transparent?

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