Incorrect vertices moved in AnimationCllip MorphTargetInfluence

Hey all,

I managed to load in a GLB file with animation. But then doing the animation something weird happens with the triangles in the upper part of the model, while in the lower part of the mode, the triangles do seem to update correctly.

How come the lower jaw triangles are correct, but the upper ones aren’t?
Does anyone have an idea why this might happen?

I was first thinking it might have something to do with the indexed vs non-indexed models, but as far as I know that does not happen in our codebase.
When loading in the model in other 3D visualization tool such as there seems to be no problem.
Am I missing something? Or do I have to call some function somewhere on load?

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Could you share more than a screenshot here? The model or a demo? It may be something as simple as choosing a higher near plane or a lower far plane for your camera.

I tried changing the near and far plane of the camera but this does not change/fix anything.
I can upload the glb for you if you would like, but it’s about 1gb big :sweat_smile:

For a video see here: