Inclined cylinder from the bottom

Hello! I have a cylinder of height 0.5. Its positions are: 0.5 on X axis, 0.85 on Y axis and 0 on Z axis, so right now it is parallel with the Y axis and makes a PI/2 (90 degrees) angle with X axis.
Now I want to incline the cylinder from the bottom so is makes an alpha angle with the X axis (and to be able to change the value of alpha from the outside). How do I incline it from a point other than its center of mass?

You are probably looking for Object3D.rotateOnWorldAxis ?
Also what you call the “center of mass” is the origin of the cylinder space. You can translate the cylinder vertices in the cylinder space with BufferGeometry.translate. By default three will put the center of the cylinder on the origin, but if you want the bottom of a cylinder 0.5 tall to be on the origin, just move the cylinder geometry 0.25 up.