In MeshStandardMaterial.({aoMap=new THREE.TextureLoader().load("/texture/ambientOcclusion.jpg"}). is not. adding. the. texture. its. texture. is working. good i want to get. lik

the enmap. and oamap. is not. working
const material=new THREE.MeshStandardMaterial({transparent:true}) //! it hlp to create a metallic
// //! it had properties like metalness
material.metalness=0.7 //!thilakkam kuttum
material.roughness=0.2 //! thilakkam effect katti
// material.normalMap=new THREE.TextureLoader().load(“/texture/ambientOcclusion.jpg”) //! ith avda oru ambinient nalkan
// THREE.TextureLoader().load(“/texture/_basecolor.jpg”)//! color of that
// material.side=THREE.DoubleSide
// material.aoMap=new THREE.TextureLoader().load(“/texture/ambientOcclusion.jpg”)//! TO INCREASE ambientOcclusion
// material.aoMapIntensity=100
// material.metalnessMap=new THREE.TextureLoader().load(“/texture/_metallic.jpg”) //! TO LIKE A A METALLIC
// material.roughnessMap=new THREE.TextureLoader().load(“/texture/_height.png”) // ! too roughness

//! envirnment ila varan

const cubeenvirm = new THREE.CubeTextureLoader().load([
" /3dimg/posy.jpg",“/3dimg/negy.jpg”,
" /3dimg/posz.jpg",“/3dimg/negz.jpg”
scene.background = cubeenvirm;
cubeenvirm.encoding = THREE.SRGBTransfer;
the enmap. and oamap. is not. working

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