In ArcballControls the target does not update its position

I’m currently using the ArcballControls.
I have some buttons to set the camera on the different axes to look at an object (e.g. from the top/bottom/front…).
Now I want to rotate the camera around the gizmo to those positions.
From what I understand, the gizmo center and the target should have the same position (correct me, if I’m wrong here).
The problem is, that the position of the target doesn’t update when panning or zooming to the cursor, but the gizmo is obviously moving.
Can I somehow read the position of the gizmo or update the target to the gizmo position?

I appreciate some help because I can’t figure out any way to get the target position.

Um, I’m not sure I understand. When I pan in the official example, the asset is translated but the control’s target as well as the gizmo stay at the origin.

Do you mind clarifying what you are doing in your app?

No the camera moves, not the asset.
In my app I want to rotate the camera around the center of the gizmo (i.e. the target). Therefore I need to know where the target currently is.