Import lattice deformation from Blender

I’m new here and I’m new with three.js. I have a small question.
I made a simple 3d model in Blender and made animation of it - just movement across one axis. I imported it to three.js using gltf format and played animation. Everything is ok.
But after I made deform animation using lattice deformation and tried to import - it don’t play. I baked animation in Blender but got the same result.
So, is it possible to export lattice deformation from Blender to three.js?

Have you actually selected “Apply Modifiers” in the exporter options?


Yes, I selected. I attached video. I’ve got a strange result :roll_eyes:
ChineseText1.gltf (126.3 KB) ChineseText.blend (793.0 KB)

Um, this might be an issue in the glTF exporter. Consider to file an issue at the respective github repo:

Thank you! I’ll try ask there