Import EffectComposer error ( react-three/postprocessing )

I have this error when i try import effect in react.

this a problem with postpro, i don’t think you will solve it here. better create an issue on github.

if you have the same error, just add this file in three/jsm/misc.
three.js/examples/jsm/misc/Timer.js at 73762aff0488262f18176cd750e455f65a9f0cc5 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub.

Had the same issue. Downgraded to these versions and error doesn’t appear anymore
@react-three/drei”: “9.99.3”,
@react-three/fiber”: “8.15.16”,
@react-three/postprocessing”: “2.16.0”,
“three”: “0.151.3”,
“three-stdlib”: “2.29.5”