Implementation of a object.position.x in an animationLoop

Hey all,
Relatively new to three.js. So as i Understand stuff. object.position.x+=incrementVariable is used inside an animateLoop to animate an object. But what if I want to update the absolute position of an object inside a render loop rather than increment it, For Example: I have a variable by name valueX which has the value of X-coordinate and is calculated and updated continuously inside the render loop. I can’t seem to implement:
object.position.x = valueX inside the render loop.
Hope i made sense… How do i go about it?
Thanks in advance!

I’m afraid it’s not clear what you are looking for. Do you mind creating live example for more clarity?

You Live Example is a perfect. In your animate function:
function animate() {

requestAnimationFrame( animate );

mesh.position.x += 0.01;
mesh.position.y += 0.02;

renderer.render( scene, camera );

So here in this case, the position of mesh gets incremented by 0.01 and 0.02 in X and Y directions respectively. I want my render loop to be something like this

Instead of:
mesh.position.x += 0.01;
mesh.position.y += 0.02;

I want to update the absolute position of the mesh inside renderloop as shown in my fiddle like:
mesh.position.x = _x;