I'm Trying to use OrbitControls but i can't, Any help?

HI, Im trying to use orbit controls but the scene is empty, how to deal with it?

activeCamera = new THREE.PerspectiveCamera(tempCameraJS.fov, tempCameraJS.aspect, tempCameraJS.near, tempCameraJS.far);
activeCamera .cameraTarget = tempCameraJS.cameraTarget.clone();
activeCamera .up = tempCameraJS.up.clone();
activeCamera .position = tempCameraJS.position.clone();
 activeCamera .aspect = 592 / 561; 
 activeCamera .updateProjectionMatrix();
 scene.ThreeSceneJSVar.add( activeCamera );
 controlsJS = new THREE.OrbitControls(activeCamera);
 controlsJS .noPan = true;
 controlsJS .noZoom = true; 
 controlsJS .autoRotate = true;
 controlsJS .autoRotateSpeed = 0.5;

You have to call controls.update() in your animation loop when autoRotate is set to true.


Besides, noPan and noZoom are deprecated. Use enablePan and enableZoom instead.

Still have the same problem,

  controlsJS= new THREE.OrbitControls(activeCameraJSVar);
   controlsJS.enablePan = false;
    controlsJS.enableZoom = true; 
    controlsJS.autoRotate = true;

and in the animation :


First image is the log

and this is the output screen… totally empty!

I can’t help you with the information you’ve provided so far. Try to create a live example with your current progress.