I'm seeking to establish an exceptional collaboration with a truly gifted Three.js maestro – the epitome of brilliance!

Hey, everyone!
I know many of you might claim to be the amazing expert in Three.js that I’m searching for.
But honestly, I’m not entirely convinced.
Throughout the long history of human civilization, we’ve heard countless impressive speeches filled with charm, yet often lacking in real action and tangible results to prove their worth.
Right now, I’m a bit uncertain about the exact qualities I’m seeking in this individual, but I can assure you of one thing:
If someone who claims to be exceptionally talented can’t create something as magnificent as this, then I’m pretty certain they’re not the right person.
(As you might have guessed, this example only shows a semi-sphere, but I’m looking for the whole one.)
And here’s one more thing!
If there’s someone out there who can complete this task within a mere 12 hours, then they are absolutely the one I’m seeking!

Very interesting, Dm via vyat.bh discord.

I’m not that exceptionally magnificent maestro that you are looking for. I’m just curious whether the following observation also applies to the opening post in the thread:


I just deployed site: https://next-3-d-moon.vercel.app/
Happy to get your feedback

What is your prefer chatting tool?
Slack, skype?
Or telegram?
Pls let me know.

I just received it.

You want a ball with moon textures and markers at certain lat longs? or are you talking about removing the texture pinching at the poles? 1 is easy. 2 is a research paper.

This is a very easy task that any three.js beginner can archive. So I guess this is just a scam to farm for free labor.


Yes. I agree.
I also think so.

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A provocative spelling that developers try to use to prove themselves is suspicious from the start.
If someone tries to get people to act favorably by conveying negative emotions and then offering a path to positive feelings on his terms, they are a fraud.
In this case, developers should feel offended in order to prove themselves. In addition, a tight time frame is often set so that one don’t have the time to think about it and instead concentrate fully on fulfilling the request.
This trick is always the same, regardless of the topic.

Luckily, most good developers are also good at logic and can see through such primitive behavior, otherwise they wouldn’t be good developers :grin:


I think the initial visitor should have the proud about this excellent forum and try to learn anything and should be humble. Of course I’m also learner but there are a lot of amazing experts and seniors here.

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