Ideas for loading glb models in an offscreen canvas

I have recently moved my Three.js application from running on the main thread to an offscreen canvas. The lag seems to have improved significantly.
However the issue I am facing is that with loading GLB files into the scene. Since the THREE.GLTFLoader() kept throwing errors such as "Reference Error: Image not found", I have deiced to load the model in the main thread, pass the array buffer (transferable object) into the worker thread and then parse it using gltfloader.parse. But, on using the .parse function, the onload callback is never executed.

Wanted to understand, if this is in fact a good approach? Or do I need to use a polyfill to fill in some DOM events expected by the gltf loader. Any reference example? Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I have added a placeholder Image() class in my worker. But now, the error has changed to ‘THREE.GLTFLoader: WebP required by asset but unsupported.’