I want to zoom to the particular point, is there any way which we can use or any third-party library?

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I want to zoom into the particular point I have added an example below so, if you guys have any ideas, please share it here so I can use. thanks!

I think you can use shaders for this. A very old example, which surely doesn’t work under new three.js anymore, I found somewhere and modified it. It is in German, but can be easily translated with DeepL Translate – Der präziseste Übersetzer der Welt.

Lichtbrechung - Linse
2023-01-09 09.20.26

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Thanks! @hofk, but it’s not worked for me like I want a totally clear visualization and it does not look proper. so if you have anything else it helps thanks!!! :blush:

One rendering with default zoom. Second rendering to texture with camera.zoom, custom shader for circle or circle mesh with zoomed texture.

Hey @Chaser_Code yes, but how we can add this? if you have a code snippet, please share it with me thanks!

this can do it: GitHub - yomotsu/camera-controls: A camera control for three.js, similar to THREE.OrbitControls yet supports smooth transitions and more features.

Hello @Chaser_Code, We have already tried to implement magnify-3D but it’s now deprecated so we can’t use it if you have anything else please share with us it helps. :slight_smile:

What does mean deprecated?