I want this shapeless infinity scroll like this site https://www.barlow.agency/ using three.js canva. anyone pleas helped me! https://www.barlow.agency/

Pleas helped me for solving this point, i can’t handle this animation, pleas helped me for doing this infinity mouse drag animation pleas see here https://www.barlow.agency/

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If you show your current attempt as a live code example with a description what part is not working, maybe someone would try to provide help.

Otherwise, there are two approaches – either change the plates positions in respect to the camera position, or change the camera position in respect to the plates positions.

Here is an illustration of the first approach. The blue rectangle is the screen. When the camera moves to the right, the left-most panels (that are outside the screen) are move to the right-side (also outside the screen). Similar process is done in the other three directions. In this way the user is tricked to believe there are infinite number of plates.

Here is an animation of the effect. The first 10 seconds show small panels, so you can see how they jump from one end to the opposite end. The rest of the video shows big plates, so this jumping appears off-screen.

Good luck with your project. I hope someone else might give more detailed guidelines in case you have specific questions.

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@PavelBoytchev can you give me this animation resource please!! also i want to add every card should have title description and button, how i can handle it, pleas give me any resource so that i can get idea and make implement my project . i mean like this sitehttps://www.barlow.agency/

Thanks! @PavelBoytchev i have got the code and solved the infinity shameless scroll but i want every card should have a title and desc how I can set that the title desc should show when user hovers the cards