I need help,I need help!!!!

I have a project running on iphone se ios15.4. OrbitControls worked very well at first, but after I swiped many times, OrbitControls onchange event didn’t work, I couldn’t even see the onchange event print. So the model loses its rotation. How should I solve it? I don’t know whether it’s ios compatibility or iphone?

The model belongs to the company and cannot be displayed here. Sorry, so I can only describe the problem phenomenon, and then please help me judge whether it is a compatibility problem

Does the issue still appear if you replace the model with just a cube mesh?

yes! yes! The OrbitControls still doesn’t work on a cube

pointer-events: none helped me and solved the problem;
thanks by OrbitControls eventually gets stuck on iOS (webkit)

ios 15.4 also has this issue 【https://discourse.threejs.org/t/objects-render-multiple-times/38319】And it has been solved, although the solution is not very beautiful